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TPRS Twister Machine

Being a Trend Setter in yarn twisting technology this is a very special phase for Meera Industries, Surat, India. We proudly want to announce that after research of several years we could invent the World's First SINGLE STEP S/Z Twisting Machines (TPRS Twister).

All kind of doubling yarns like Carpet yarn, Embroidery Yarn, Fish Net Yarn, Sewing thread, Quilting thread, Salvage yarn, Tyre cord or any other double/triple yarn can be manufactured in a single step i.e. from COPS WINDER TO FINISH PACKAGE.

Meera's one step TPRS manufacturing method would give several Qualitative, Operational, Capital and Cost advantages.

  • tprs-twister-machine-tech
  • tprs-twister-machine-tech

  • Sewing Thread
  • Embrodery Yarm
  • Plyed Yarm
  • Stick Yarm
  • Carpet Yarm
  • Quilting Yarm
  • Salvage Yarm
  • Tyre cord
  • Fishnet Yarm
  • Medical stitch Yarm
  • Footwear stitch Yarm
  • Any S & Z twisting application
Superior Quality

The Quality of the yam manufactured through TPRS technology has better quality than all previous technologies. This is because of the reverse twisting is taking place under the uniform tension of individual pre-twisted yam. Hence the placing of yarn during final hvist is most uniform than any other process.

Space Savings

TPRS Technology not only reduces the operational cost instead it a. helps in various ways to reduce your capital cost.

  • Saving of Space due to single machine instead of hvo separate primary twister & secondary twister.
  • Expenses on bobbins will be saved since the yam will be manufactu. directly from cops to final package.
Smooth Running

The beauty of the process will be realised in smooth running of the machines with very minimal breakages and dean environment in the work area.

Labour Advantage

Currently the industry's biggest worries are to manage labour shortages and the Launch of TPRS at this crucial time would definitely help manufacturer to solve this to a greater extent.

Above was just a brief summary of TPRS technology, for more details and machine demonstration you can visit our factory.

Below Is The General Idea Of An Old And New Process Of Manufacturing Doubling Yarn

Technical Specifications

FRAME Single deck both sides Single deck both sides
MACHINE WIDTH 800 mm 1010 mm
SECTION PITCH 1830 mm 2130 mm
MACHINE HEIGHT 1750 mm 2300 mm
DENIER RANGE 100 to 600 denier 600 to 4500 denier
TWIST RANGE 150 to 1. t/m, yam speed shall be set at max 70 mtrs/mm 50 to 1500 t/m, yam speed shall be set at max 70 mtrs/mm
MOTOR PULLEY Set of 6000 to 10000 rpm 2000 to 5000 Invertor Controlled
SPINDLE BELT / DRIVING Endless belt with nylon rpm Individual motor spindle
ATTACHMENTS RPM, TPM, M/MIN display, Yarn feed stop at yarn breakage, Anti - Patterning device RPM, TPM, M/MIN display, Yarn feed stop at yarn breakage, Anti - Patterning device
SPINDLE PITCH 360 mm 525 mm
NO. OF SECTION 8 10 12 8 10 12
NO. OF SPINDLE / DECK 80 100 120 64 80 96
CONNECTED LOAD PER DECK 12.5kW 12.5kW 15kW 32kW 40kW 48kW
LENGTH IN FEETS 53' 65' 77' 61' 75' 89'
LENGTH IN MTRS. 16.20 19.80 23.50 18.60 22.90 27.10

Supply Package

TPRS -19 TPRS - 25
SUPPLY PACKAGE 32 x 36 x 360 mm cops 32 x 36 x 360 Flanged bottle
SUPPLY PACK. WTG. 1 kg. 1.6 kg.
NO. OF PLY 2 or 3 Ply 2 or 3 Ply

Take Up Package

TPRS -19 TPRS - 25
PACKAGE CAP. 1.5 kg knotless 2.5 kg knotless
PACKAGE CAP. Take up 3.5 kg. with knot Take up 5 kg. with knot
MAX PACK DIA 250 mm 300 mm
PACKAGE TUBE Dia 46 x 57 x 230 Dia 46 x 57 x 290