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Servo Controlled Cop Winder

Highly sophisticated servo controlled cop winder provides premium quality winding with its servomotor driven PLC system. The winding machine delivers uniform yarn speed without change in tension to ensure high quality winding.

  • servo-controlled-cop-winder-part
  • servo-controlled-cop-winder-part
  • servo-controlled-cop-winder-part

  • Servomotor driven with PLC system featuring the uniform yarn speed without the change in tension, so that it is possible to realize the high quality of Winding.
  • Input & Output parameter can be set by touch screen control panel, so that it makes more convenient operation even for unskilled operator.
  • The flexibility of its function allows the winding of all Pirn, Bottle and Spool Bobbins.
  • Rewinder for Fileament Yarm from bigger cheese to small cop suitable for Twisting Machine.
  • Cheese to Pim winding
  • Bobbin winding
  • Bottle winding
  • Individual length counter
  • Cop length up to 420 mm.

Technical Specifications

FRAME Single deck both side
SUPPLY PACKAGE Cheese of diameter 450 mm or DT cops
TAKE UP PACKAGE 42 mm or 36 mm diameter pirn / cop of length 240 to 320 mm, Bottle or Bobbin
YARN SPEED 300 to 700 m/min. constant
SPLINDLE MOTOR 3.70 KW / 5 HP 3 Phase 415V/380V
TENSION DEVICE V-type Knob Controlled Tension
PARAMETER SETTING Denier, Yarn type, Yarn speed, Yarn weight , Angle, Yarn pitch, Low point, Stroke length, Winding type
CONTROL DEVICE PLC system with Servo motor driver
WINDING TYPE Warp, Filling, Wondering, Compound, Bottle, Bobbin
TRAVERSE DEVICE Servo Motor with Ball Screw
SPEED CONTROL Inverter Controlled Spindle and Traverse Motor
SPLINDLES BRAKING Individual Spindle Brake


NO. OF SECTIONS 6 8 10 12
NO. OF SPINDLES 60 80 100 120 Height
LENGTH - METERS 08.52 10.96 13.40 15.84 01.75
LENGTH - FEET 28'00" 36'00" 44'00" 52'00" 05'09"
Setable Parameters of Cops Which Gives Package Formation
Winding Type